Beginnings of my Quest

The Journey I am on


Hey friend, how are you? Glad you could make it.

Well, at this point it’s about a self-discovery quest of why I enjoy thinking. Some say I think too much. I say, great! Thanks for the compliment. As I embark on this path. I would like to delve into this topic (Thinking)  and see where it takes me. My goal is to discuss and share my opinions on books I’ve read. Maybe bring up a topic about current events or even tell some personal story I’ve lived, even a life lesson I learned. I hope to chat and attract some like-minded people here. I’m not here to bash or disrespect anything or anyone. I only want to engage in good conversation. I don’t consider myself above anyone else, just your average John. How I perceive life thru my eyes, you could say. So what do you think? Are you with me? Do I have your permission? Great! Come back often. Email me.

P.S. I’m working on my about page so you don’t “THINK” I’m not real. (TM)


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