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Never in my wildest dreams nor my lifetime of 56 years have I ever seen what has happened during this election cycle. There is such a compelling story that has emerged from the shadows of our country. You have to ask yourself, “what is going on?” Here we see such an incredible journey to the most powerful position in our nation. We observed first hand how everything went against any logic what so ever. I’m not angry about the outcome of our election at all. Regardless of how it would have ended. I don’t think I would have a need to display my anger in such a way of destroying everything in my path. However, I do understand why some would be upset. But the violence has gone too far, in my opinion.

I have survived many elections and witnessed many outcomes. I do see a greater divide within our nation. But the story here is not about politics for me. It’s about the larger story. It’s about how it all started with President-elect Trump. What made this man decide to run for the most influential and powerful position? Was it a situation that challenged Mr. Trump? I wonder what the Ah-ha moment was for him? Does he really crave all that power or does he desire America to be great again? My hope and prayer are he is doing it for all the right reasons.

I found an interesting blog post from one of my favorite authors, Joe Bunting. I think you will find this article entertaining. I provided the link below.

Why Donald Trump won the election

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