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The Story: My Marlin .30-.30 Rifle

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My Marlin .30-.30 Rifle

I recently completed writing a three-part story about a regrettable action I planned to carry out at age fifteen. I convinced myself my action was justified. The framework behind this story idea was to go deep and retrieve old buried memories tucked away in the farthest darkest part of my mind. With the help of my sister. We were able to fill in each others missing time gaps, so I would be able to create a timeline to reflect accurately and write my story.

The challenge here was to bring a forty-one-year-old memory to light with the intent to view it from an older me perspective. I have to admit. Writing this story was difficult. I was not proud of it at all. However, my hope and intent are to prevent anyone living with an alcoholic parent from carrying out the same mistake as I did in hopes of letting others know who have done similar regrettable actions they are not alone. The setting for the story builds on a young teenage boy, me age thirteen,  who became so stressed over a two year period that he felt he needed to end a serious matter on his own. We had our good and bad days and our share of laughs, but odd situations occurred frequently. We all just tried to live as best we could despite our circumstance.

Part I

The Gift: My Marlin .30-.30 Rifle

Part II

Under Pressure: My Marlin .30-.30 Rifle

Part III

The Storm: My Marlin .30-.30 Rifle

My Marlin .30-.30 Rifle Story
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