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Rivers, Ropes, and Roulette

Child’s Play

“Adventure is worthwhile in itself.”
-Amelia Earhart

Documenting my life stories for the sake of passing them on to my children is rewarding. My family members seem to be entertained by my childhood antics. This in itself amuses me. I hope if you happened to stumble upon this post find it a worthy read.


I’ve always enjoyed experiencing large bodies of water, rivers, lakes, and streams. It always brought a sense of peaceful tranquility in my life. There seems to be a magical magnetic pull to enjoy its calming effect on your soul. I believe this is true for most people, but when you’re a young child it becomes more of an obsession, you feel a need to participate in its wetness. When you add a rope and tree to the mix, you have a full-blown adventure…Continued…

Rivers, Ropes, and Roulette

Thank you for reading my post. I appreciate you and your valuable time.

Sincerely, OT John

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