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Don’t Drink and Fly


Have you ever had one of those days?

You know, where it seems like you are confronted by a challenge at every turn! No matter how hard you try, nothing works.

I had such a day back in July of 1981. It’s funny to talk about now, but when it happened, it wasn’t so funny at that moment.

This story is one of many, favored by my now, grown children.
So here is a little humor at my expense. Enjoy!




I had fourteen months remaining of my four years active duty in the Marine Corp. I had received orders to spend my last year overseas in a country called Iwakuni Japan. Upon receipt of the news, I was a little discouraged because I enjoyed my time in North Carolina. However, I embraced the journey of my last year of duty. I started doing a little bit of research about the culture of the Japanese people. I learned basic phrases from fellow Marines that had already gone abroad. I practiced basic words like hello, thank you, good afternoon, good morning, and good evening. I was still one month away from leaving for Japan…Continued


Iwakuni Japan

Marine Corp


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