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I will always be there.

When you make a promise, do you keep it, or just pacify the person you’re giving the promise to?

This past May of 2017, I had some alone time to reflect on my past and plan some future goals. When the opportunity arises to ponder my thoughts, I like to grab a note pad and jot down ideas to see where they take me. Whenever I tried to focus on a story idea, memories of my Grandmother surfaced and distracted my thoughts. I tried to refocus on the task at hand but found it difficult too. Immediately I gravitated back to her because I realized May was the month of grandma’s passing. So, I figured grandma wins out. The more I dwelled on her memory; I realized eight years have passed since her death.

I thought I may as well pen a story about her last three years on earth.

One true fact I have found out about myself since I started documenting my life events is how deeply I buried my memories. I felt there was no need to reflect on any of them.

Why should I, right? They are only sad memories; or are they?

When I unleashed those suppressed thoughts, I found reflecting on them from an older man’s perspective gave me a sense of understanding why these past events happened, and, allowed me to make peace with it.


The picture below is me at around age 30 months old with my Grandmother, Emilia Papp.


My story is on display at Two Drops of ink; an award-winning literary blog I contribute too written in its entirety. I hope you enjoy reading it. The beginning of the story starts below. Just click the link to take you over to Two drops of ink.

I promise you I will

Written by, John C. Gyorki


“Some people still make promises and keep those they make. When they do, they help make life around them more stably human.”

Lewis B. Smedes


My Promise

When I was a little boy, I made a promise. As the years whisked by; I wasn’t so sure I would be able to honor my pledge. The question one may ask. Can a little boy’s promise have any merit?

A Doctor, whom I’ve never met, quietly entered our minuscule cold space in the hospital emergency room. Our privacy only concealed by some flimsy curtains haphazardly dangling around us. I vividly remember her startling me when she placed her hand on my left shoulder from behind, and said, “you know why you’re here, right?” “Yes, I do, she’s…she’s gonna die,” I replied…continued at Two Drops of Ink




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Photo credits John C. Gyorki

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  1. I enjoyed reading this heartfelt post! Love this tweetable quote “The more chaos and brokenness I’d encounter in my life the more supernatural miracles I witness.” I’ve experienced evidence of this in my own life. Keep writing and inspiring others! 😀

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